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FREE PussyWoman Mask Pattern

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Pussywoman Mask in Weenskein's Merino Bulky (or comparable yard in bulky weight 5)

Hook: K/10.5-6.50mm

Yardage: One skein, approx 130 yards, OR use 2-3 colors of your choice (co1, col2, and col3 in pattern)

Gauge: 4 inch= 12 stitches

Sizes: Adult , A (Youth, Y)


Notes:  Hat is worked in the round, first from the brim up, in a tube shape, joined across the top (in the style of a typical pussy hat), then the mask/eye openings are worked down from the brim. A stitch marker may be helpful when working the top portion of the hat leading up to the ears, after you finish the latticed headband, if you find it difficult to keep track of the single chain-up at the start of a row.




Stitch guide:

ch chain

sc single crochet

hdc half double crochet

dc double crochet

Blhdc back loop half double crochet

tr treble crochet

Bltr back loop treble crochet

sk skip stitches

sl st slip stitch



Overlay Latticed Headband, Cap, and "Ears"

Chain 56 (51) and join with sl st. This is your foundation chain for both the top and bottom parts of the hat, ideally it will rest on the brow line of the head when the mask is worn.

Row 1: ch up 1, hdc 55 (50) and join

Row 2: Ch up 2, (dc 2, (sk 3) ch 3)11x (10x) and join

Row 3: If desired, start w/ (col2) on this row and the next to achieve dual-tone under layer. Ch up 1, (Blhdc 2, 3 Bltr behind ch into 3 sk of Row 1)11x (10x)

Row 4: Ch up 1, hdc 55 (50), join.

Row 5: Back to col1 if using 2 colors ch 1, Blhdc 3,  (tr 1 skipping over row 4 reaching down to hook the middle of the ch on row 3, Blhdc4)11x (10x) Blhdc1 and join.

Row 6: Change to col3 if  desired ch up 1, Blhdc 55 (50) and join

Rows 7- 17 (16): Ch up 1, hdc 55 (50), join. At the end of row 17 (16), join and turn hat inside out, and line up the two sides of the hat to join each side of the hat with 27x sl st, join and tie off through last stitch.


Mask w/ Eyeholes

You will be flipping over your hat and working off of the foundation chain in the other direction now. Join the first round for the facemask on the side of the hat opposite from where the hat is joined for the headband and ears, to balance the locations of woven in ends around the foundation chain.


Row 1: Ch up 1, hdc 55 (50) and join.

Row 2: (Eyehole openings) Ch up 1, hdc 5. Ch 9/sk 7 (Ch 8/sk6), dc 2, ch9/sk 7(Ch 8/sk6),  Hdc 35 (30) and join.

Row 3: Ch up 1, hdc 4, sk 1, hdc 7 (off of row 2 chain) sk 1, hdc 2, sk 1, hdc 7, sk 1, hdc 34 and join.

Row 4: ch up 1, hdc 55 (50), join.

Row 5: (col 2 or 3 to compliment if desired): sc 55 (50) to trim mask.

Weave in ends, no blocking necessary. You're ready to save the world!

Copyright 2017 Emily Vaughn

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