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First post

Many thanks go to Jen at Eden Design for helping me actualize this shop. She is wonderful, if you don't already know!

I'm excited to begin my journey as a full time self-employed artist next week, after giving notice at the last and longest of part-time-jobs that I have held since I first moved to West Virginia. It's scary*, but I'm excited to embark on the incredible honor of being the first woman president of me.

This historic moment would not be possible without the support and continued presence of all this colored string.  

Of course, there is also the greater pile-of-paintings community, and the many dedicated years of glitter-gluing with the finest of Shepherdstown's future leaders that have prepared me to be the Supreme Leader and Imperial Goddess Incarnate of this sole-proprietorship.

This is not an Artocracy, this is an Artatorship. I also do birthday parties!

*Self employment and WV

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